The Full Stack Product Engineering program delivered via virtual live classes is specifically designed with a product development methodology that accelerates learning and hones learners into becoming Day 1 project-ready Full Stack Product Engineers with deep skills. The Experience (Product development) layer involves releasing and demonstrating a non-trivial product solving a real-world problem.

This outcome-driven program will help you acquire skills to combine programming languages, technology tools, product engineering approach, Test Automation and DevOps to become a Full Stack Product Engineer who can create, deploy, integrate, optimize, and automate end-to-end Web applications


  • Core, Product Engineering, and Professional Skills
  • Foundation > Full Stack > Product Development
  • Combine programming languages, tools and engineering practices to build, test, integrate, package, deploy, and release non-trivial Web apps
  • Product Engineer, Full Stack Developer, Software Engineer, Software Developer, Java Developer, Back-end Developer

Part 1: Foundation (Week 1-2)
 Apply programming and Web fundamental concepts
 Problem-solving, data structures, and network
 Intervention in foundational areas
 Java Fundamentals
 Java Hackathon

Part 2: Enterprise Layer (Week 3-11)
Modern OO Language Features
 Build & test Java programs including Java 8 features

UI & Front End
 Build Responsive Web Pages HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap
 Build Single Page Applications Using Angular

Enterprise Web
 Build RESTful APIs
 Microservices using Spring framework

Part 3: Product Development (Week 12-19)
 Build, test, package, deploy, and release a full stack product
 Cloud deployment
 Formal demonstration in teams

This program is for Engineering Students & Graduates, Working IT Professionals with less than or equal to 2 years of experience
Pursuing or completed BE, BTech or MCA with 60% or above in X, XII, and Graduation
Student should have Basic Computer Knowledge.

PG Program in Full Stack Product Engineering

  • Learn various aspects of combine programming languages, tools and engineering
  • Test Automation and DevOps to become a Full Stack Product Engineer