We are launching a concept based course “Introduction to GST” which will enable students with Commerce background understand what is GST and its implementation and impact in the taxation system. This course is being launched in partnership with Tally, covering concept based learning.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding of Goods and Services Tax concepts
  • Learn about Supply of Goods and Services
  • Learn about Time of Supply and Value of Supply
  • Understanding of Invoicing and Input Credit Mechanism
  • Returns and Payment of Tax
  • Consequences of Non-Compliance
  • Accounts and Other Records
  • Tax Rate structure and Refund of Tax
  • Transition to GST and Input Service Distributor (ISD)
  • Job Work and Non Resident Tax Payer
  • E-Commerce and Compliance Rating
  • Understand the role of Tax Return Preparer
  • Knowledge of GSTN and GSP
  • Understanding the Audit process
  • Learn about Demands and Recovery
  • Learn about Appeals and Revision
  • Understand Liability to Pay

Introduction to GST

Student should be a BCom. Student or Graduate / undertaken Commerce until Class XII Level
Should have understanding of taxation system

Introduction to GST

  • Understand the concepts of GST
  • Learn about the implementation and impact of GST in the taxation system
  • Program is mapped and embedded with Tally Online Certificate Exam
  • Extensive Learning hours with 20 hours of classroom training along with real time practice on data sets for better learning and increased retention