Program starts with basics of R Programming, evolving into How to work with Data in R; Importing the Data, Preparing the Data, Analysing the Data in R and Visualization of the results in R.

Learning Objectives

  • 1. Understanding of R System and installation and configuration of R-Environment and R-Studio

  • 2. Understanding R Packages, their installation and management

  • 3. Understanding of nuts and bolts of R:
    • a. R program Structure
    • b. R Data Type, Command Syntax and Control Structures
    • c. File Operations in R

  • 4. Application of R Programming in Daily life problems

  • 5. Preparing Data in R
    • a. Data Cleaning
    • b. Data imputation
    • c. Data conversion

  • 6. Visualizing data using R with different type of graphs and charts

  • 7. Applying R Advance features to solve complex problems and finetuning R Processes

Introduction to Programming in R
Data Preparation in R
Data Visualization in R
Advanced R Programming

Have basic knowledge of working in the Windows environment and Microsoft excel
Knowledge of Maths/Statistics upto Class XII

Programming in R

  • Learn the most popular tool for data analytics
  • Start with the R basics, to advance Programming in R
  • Hybrid Learning with Guided practice & Weekly Practice quiz questions on the app along with the classroom sessions
  • Extensive Learning hours with 44 hours of classroom training including the classroom assessment with additional 42 hours of online guided practice for better learning and increased retention