Social Media marketers are in great demand due to social media gaining importance as a marketing platform for businesses. This program equips you with hands-on experience in creating social media marketing strategies and running social media marketing campaigns. Learners will

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to create a social media strategy for all social platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus)
  • Build great content that appeals to the audience
  • Learn to schedule your content for publishing on the social media

This is a comprehensive programme covering the fundamentals of Digital Marketing to working on various Social Media platforms as well as content marketing and promotion.

  • Fundamentals to Digital Marketing
  • Working with Social Media Marketing
  • Content Planning and Promotions
Learners wanting to understand Digital Marketing and Social Media platforms
Working with Windows Environment and Internet.

Social Media Marketing

  • Working with all Social Media Platforms.
  • Social Media Manager, Copywriter.