Object-oriented concepts form the base of all modern programming languages.

Understanding the basic concepts of object-orientation helps a developer to use various modern day programming languages, more effectively.

C++ is an object-oriented programming language that intends to be a simple, modern, and general-purpose programming language for application development. The course is applicable to students who want to enter the world of object-oriented programming, using the C++ language.

Learning Objectives

  • Appreciate the object-oriented approach.
  • Create objects.
  • Define and implement Encapsulation and Abstraction.
  • Use operators and decision-making constructs.
  • Use arrays.
  • Implement functions.
  • Use Constructors and Destructors.
  • Implement Polymorphism, Inheritance, Dynamic
  • Polymorphism, and Multiple Inheritance.
  • Use file input and output.
  • Use exception handling and templates.
  • Implement linked lists

 Object Oriented Concepts
 Encapsulation and Abstraction
 Constructors and Destructors
 Polymorphism, Inheritance
 Polymorphism and Multiple Inheritance
 Exception Handling
 Linked List

A student who registers for this course should be able to:

 Build flowcharts and write pseudo-code.
 Work in a Windows environment.
 Use editors

OOPs using C++

  • 48 hours of classroom training with hands on experience in Object Oriented concepts using C++
  • Learn to design object oriented applications using C++