Concepts and knowledge of C and C++ are the stepping stones to enter the world of IT Programming. Learning these 2 programming languages will ensure an easy understanding of most modern-day programming languages. Questions on concepts of C and C++ yet remain the favorite with Employers recruiting programmers for S/W Development roles. While C as a language provides dual features of portability to run on any platform as well as the power to control hardware, C++ is an object-oriented programming language for application development and is simple, modern and general-purpose.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the power of C language as the most flexible language.
  • Learn to implement C programming to solve complex problem.
  • Understand the concepts of Object Oriented Programming helps to use various modern day programming languages, more effectively.
  • Learn to build small applications using C and C++.

The course curriculum design covers all the major aspects of basics and intermediate C programming along with Object-Oriented programming and its implementation using C++. It provides hands-on Knowledge in C and C++ and helps the students in implementing this programming language to solve complex problems.

The programme not only provides curriculum support to learners but also helps them in learning new skills like creating a small software like “Ëvent Planner” or an application like simple “Attendance system” etc.

 Programming in C
 Programming using C++

This programme is for School Students, Undergraduates and Graduates who want to start their journey in the area of software engineering, development and programming
Should be able to work with Flowcharts and Pseudocodes and use editors

Programming Using C and C++

  • OOPS, Pointers, Arrays, Linked Lists, Operators
  • Get answers to your queries from Instructors in real-time.