Microsoft Excel is extremely valuable for businesses, which use Excel features to record expenditures and income, plan budgets, and chart data. In fact, it is the very first requirement when applying for a job. This is the most comprehensive and reliable programme for learners who want to learn the advanced features of Excel, including latest technologies like XML and automation that will provide the learners with an edge over others.

Learning Objectives

  • Covers a combination of business concepts and hands-on learning on MS- Excel
  • Gain expertise in analysis and presentation of complex data using Excel
  • Understand business process automation and XML for structuring workbooks
  • Case study based practice exercises

This programme enables the learner to use Microsoft Office Excel 2013 to analyse and calculate complex data using tools like pivot tables and organizing and presenting data using charts and graphics. It will enable learners to automate some common tasks, apply advanced analysis techniques to more complex data sets, and collaborate and share worksheets and Excel data with other applications.

 Working with Data in Advanced Excel
 Working with Workbook and Worksheets
 Automation in Excel

Basic working knowledge of MS Excel

Working with Advanced Excel 2013

  • Master the advanced features of Microsoft Office Excel to be more productive at your workplace
  • Get answers to your queries from Instructors in real-time.