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Accreditation Benchmarking

Highlights Of The Program Adivosry Support

  • Sensitizing Accreditation Approach Path and Road Map among Faculties and IIQA Team
  • Understanding the Critical components in the Process Approach path
  • Creating the Execution Road Map
  • Addressing all Critical components and building them block by block: Preparing for Data Capturing using templates
  • Data Assimilation, Assessment, Analysis, Review and report creation: Compilation of SSR

Working with the Fundamentals

  • HEI Registration on Accreditation Portal Management
  • HEI Portal And web management
  • IQAC Formation and IQAC Coordinator, IQAC Committees, IQAC Coordinator, Criteria Coordinator, Metrics Task Owners, and Support Team
  • Aligning AISHE Code and IIQA submission documents in advance
  • Preparation for SSR keeping in line with AISHE Code and IIQA submission contents Submission of IIQA, SSR, and DVV Clarification Report

The Thrust Areas

  • Understanding the level of preparedness for QlM and QnM
  • Clarifying Concepts around Accreditation Criterions, Key Indicators, QlM and QnM
  • Establishing the Right Concepts
  • Defining Processes and Process Flows
  • Creating Fundamental Accreditation Frameworks
  • Creating a mechanism for data capturing and compilation (student, faculties, examination, institution and administration, and infra resources inputs).
  • Building pragmatic mechanics for Data Cleaning
  • Establishing Review Mechanism
  • Aligning Technology and Resources confirming Accreditation Body norms

Scope of Services: The Program Advisory Support Critical Features

To validate the institutional quality substance, first we run a dip stick analysis by conducting a detailed Gap analysis audit of each and every metrics of the QIF. This Gap Analysis helps us to identify current level of understanding of Accreditation Norms, Concepts and Contexts, its existing preparedness, probable critical areas for improvement, recommend some corrective measures and suggest quality improvement opportunities for obtaining optimal proficiency of every Qualitative and Quantitative metrics in the Quilty index framework by relevant projections of facts.

  • It conducts online or offline workshops with stakeholders for quality improvement, accreditation management, and preparation for accreditation.
  • The Advisory Support shall guide to process documentation, providing required inputs for relevant reports, guiding in filling up templates
  • It validates Distributed data, aggregation of data, and data analysis from all stakeholders as per Criterion and Metrics requirement
  • It validates all supporting and documentary evidence documents for every quantitative and qualitative metrics in line with the regulatory bodies Stipulation.
  • Suggest Quality improvement through Integrated ICT software as per recommendations in every criterion of accreditation.
  • It validates all DVV enclosure documents and evidences provided by the University for submission of Quality Audits comprising of Academic and Administrative Audit, Green Audit, Energy Audit and Environment Audit, and Library Audit reports for the current year.
  • It conducts online or offline workshops with stakeholders for quality improvement, accreditation management, and preparation for accreditation.
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